Kitchen Remodel | Some people shy away from trends because what’s popular today is hideous tomorrow. This year people who want a kitchen remodel are opting for trends that are timeless instead. No more themed kitchens or Americana apples and wood cutouts, the trends for 2018 are taking kitchens into the future and keeping them there.

  1. Quartz Countertop-If you are going to spend a chunk of money on anything during your kitchen remodel, choose quartz countertops. These shimmering surfaces are elegant and classic, but the big plus is that they have easy upkeep! You won’t have to coat the countertops or scrub them to get clean.
  2. Open Concept-Fewer families can sit down for dinner together anymore with soccer games, art lessons, dance class and mandatory over-time, family meal times are becoming more casual. An open concept has always been popular, but people are ditching the dining rooms and utilizing kitchen islands and breakfast bars for meals.
  3. New Technology-When you do your kitchen remodel, update your appliances. Induction cooking is a trend that will stay around due to its ability to heat food while keeping the room cool, no need for a ventilation fan and energy savings. There are also automatic waterspouts, door in door refrigerators and more.
  4. Ceiling Treatments-People don’t think of their kitchens as a place to use molding, shallow coffers, or utilize an industrial, open rafter look, but kitchens are turning into entertainment spaces as families are ditching the dining rooms. Open concept kitchen-living rooms utilize ceiling treatments to create a cohesive space and create a larger feel to the rooms.
  5. Clean and Seamless-Millennials are getting into their 30s and buying homes that are clean, streamlined, and utilize the less is more philosophy. Utilize your space by having in counter appliances that are energy efficient and stainless steel. Choose LED lighting, and bright whites and silvers to create an inviting space.

A kitchen remodel is fun and exciting, let professionals help you create the kitchen of your dreams that is modern and trendy, but still timeless!  Contact Tampa Bath and Kitchen Gallery today for a free consultation!