Kitchen Remodel Trends for Summer 2018

Kitchen Remodel | Some people shy away from trends because what's popular today is hideous tomorrow. This year people who want a kitchen remodel are opting for trends that are timeless instead. No more themed kitchens or Americana apples and wood cutouts, the trends for 2018 are taking kitchens into the future and keeping them

Home Remodeling Ideas You Will Love

Home Remodeling | Have you been watching all of TLC and HGTV's home remodeling shows, jotting down notes, getting inspiration for your own projects? Home remodeling projects can add value to your home, help increase your family's mood, and make your quality of life better. Summer is the most popular time of year to begin

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Top 3 Bathroom Remodel Trends for Summer 2018

Bathroom Remodel | Bathrooms can take a beating, especially when we have kids. Sometimes, when you are growing your family, you realize you need a much bigger tub, or an extra two feet of space between the toilet and the sink to put a step-stool, or you're just interested in a brand-new look! Whatever your

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How to Avoid a Bathroom Remodel Disaster

Bathroom Remodel | The beginning of every bathroom remodel project starts with happy, excited homeowners. A plan is in place, the materials are purchased and everyone who is helping is pumped up. However, mistakes that happen during a bathroom remodel can turn your project into a disaster fast! Bathroom remodeling disasters can also end up

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Make Your Bathroom Remodeling Project A Dream Come True

Bathroom Remodeling | When you close your eyes and picture your dream bathroom, what do you think of? A large open space with a jetted tub, separate shower, his and her sinks, attached walk-in closets and vanities are at the top of some people's list. Some people picture a walk-in shower, covered in mosaic tile

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The Biggest Home Remodeling Don’ts

The Biggest Home Remodeling Don'ts Home remodeling can be exciting and fun, but also costly and nerve-wrecking, especially when mistakes are made. Many people want to DIY their home remodels, but hiring professionals is always the best way to ensure that your project goes to plan or is insured when it doesn’t! Many people with

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Starting a Kitchen Remodel: What You Should Know

Starting a Kitchen Remodel: What You Should Know Kitchen Remodel | You may think that a kitchen remodel won't be so hard. You've got some tools and a few friends willing to help. Your brother is going to let you borrow his truck to go get materials and you’ve got a few days off work

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A Kitchen Remodeling Project That Will WOW

Kitchen Remodeling | Are you considering a kitchen remodeling project? Is your current kitchen drab, outdated, and not making you smile? Remodeling a room in your home can increase your quality of life at home. With today's technology kitchen remodeling is becoming necessary to keep up with the times and make sure that the value

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Designers See These Trends in 2018 Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom Remodel | The home bathroom has quickly evolved into more than just a personal cleaning space. Contemporary designs and floorplans make it a relaxing atmosphere for stress relief. Bathroom remodels of 2018 deliver more than the traditional bath space. Everyday needs are met with innovative design concepts inside today’s bathrooms. If a bathroom remodel

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The Bathroom Remodel Takes on an Unfamiliar Design

Bathroom Remodel | The bathroom remodel is often considered one of the simplest of all. Most homeowners desire to change the flooring, update the sink or add a little natural stone. While it is common for bathroom remodels to include a few additions. Today, many contemporary renovations are seeing an unfamiliar design concept. There are

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