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Finally! Tampa Remodeling Contractors That Will Take The Pain and Frustration Out of Your Remodeling Project

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom but dreading all the construction mess, project delays and unexpected cost overruns that other homeowners have had to endure, then I want to tell you how you can avoid all that pain and frustration.

My name is Joe Ferrantegennaro and I’m the President and owner of Bath & Kitchen Gallery in Tampa.

We design and build great kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, all of the rooms featured on our website are photos of our unique design and build projects, not stock photos from kitchen and bath manufacturers or cookie cutter designs often offered by some other remodelers.

But what really sets Bath & Kitchen Gallery apart from other remodeling companies is that we are absolutely obsessed with eliminating the pain and frustration that homeowners typically feel whenever they remodel. Here’s how we do it:

What You Can Expect if You Choose Bath & Kitchen Gallery

We Design and Build- Most remodeling companies either design OR build, but they don’t do both. So if you choose to work with them you’ll likely have to hire two companies… a designer to design your new room and a contractor to build it. Then you’ll have to hope that both companies, along with their subcontractors, can all work together to deliver your project on time and on budget. You won’t have that problem with Bath & Kitchen Gallery because we are a design AND build remodeling company that can handle your entire project from start to finish.

Up-Front Pricing- In order to get the job some remodelers will quote you a low price and assure you that the set dollar amounts (allowances) listed in your contract will be enough to buy your tile, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, etc. Later you discover that these allowances only cover builder-grade materials, which means you either have to pay a lot more to get what you want or settle for a lot less. Bath & Kitchen Gallery offers up-front pricing and a detailed list of the exact make, model number and price of every single item that you’ve chosen for your remodeling project, BEFORE you sign a contract.

Lead Carpenter Management System- We assign a Lead Carpenter to every remodeling project. He’s on the job site all day, every day, and he will have no other project to manage but yours. Other remodeling companies employ a supervisor to manage multiple projects at once, while outsourcing 100% of the job tasks to subcontractors. When no one on site is in charge, mistakes are made and projects are delayed.

Less Down Time- Many remodeling companies will immediately start the demolition phase of your project even if they haven’t taken delivery of all your materials. So if there’s a shipping delay you may be without use of your soon-to-be remodeled room for weeks, before they’re ready to begin the installation phase. We don’t work that way. Bath & Kitchen Gallery will not start demolition until we’ve received 100% of your materials including cabinets, countertops, tile and fixtures. That means less down time for you and your family.

We Work Clean- Remodeling projects always create a lot of dust, yet most construction companies do little to solve this problem. We employ a Work Clean System to stop 97% of all dust particles from infiltrating other areas of your home. First we seal off your kitchen or bath from the rest of your house by building a temporary wall with plastic sheeting. We also cover doors, window frames and exhaust vents, so that particles can’t travel from room to room. Then we use a HEPA filter air scrubber to pull dust and other pollutants from the air, leaving your home as clean possible.

Our 5 STAR Customer Satisfaction Rating

Since 2007 we’ve subscribed to Guild Quality an independent, customer satisfaction company to solicit feedback from our remodeling customers. Here are our current results: 

88% have given us a 5 star rating

97% said they would recommend us to others

To read all our unfiltered customer reviews go to guildquality.com


The Bath & Kitchen Gallery understands your bathroom remodeling project is an important investment.

Artfully Crafted

New technologies and approaches to bathrooms can allow you to have a spa-like sanctuary in your own Florida home.



Let our design team change the way you live. Turn your Tampa kitchen remodeling dream into reality.

Freshly New

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It should be a warm and welcoming reflection of your lifestyle.



The Bath & Kitchen Gallery combines Architecture, Construction, and Design into one remodeling team.


The Bath & Kitchen Gallery  considers it an honor when you place your trust in our work.



We have everything you need for kitchen design, construction, materials and appliances.


The Bath & Kitchen Gallery is a Tampa remodeling contractor that is your one stop shop!


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"The Bath and Kitchen Gallery is Amazing!  Not only did they show up, but they showed up on time.  I couldn't have asked for anything better." 


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The Bath & Kitchen Gallery considers it an honor when you place your trust in our work. In return, we promise you nothing less than a positive design/build experience and complete satisfaction with the quality and craftsmanship at project completion.