Bathroom Remodel | The beginning of every bathroom remodel project starts with happy, excited homeowners. A plan is in place, the materials are purchased and everyone who is helping is pumped up. However, mistakes that happen during a bathroom remodel can turn your project into a disaster fast! Bathroom remodeling disasters can also end up hurting homeowners financially and cause a lot of stress for families. Do it yourself remodels aren’t the only ones that can end up in a disaster though. Sometimes, the builders and contractors that we hire can turn our dream bathroom into a disaster too. Here are some ways to avoid a bathroom mistake ruining your dreams.

  1. Don’t Live at Home During Remodel. Small renovations can sometimes be done in a day, but a full bathroom remodel will take a few days and if you only have one bathroom in your home, stay somewhere else for a few nights. Remodeling is also noisy, and families can be stressed by this.
  2. Set Clear Plans. Don’t go in blind if you are doing the remodel yourself or with friends. Planning is important, and you need to know the breakdown of your budget, measurements of your bathroom and how to work on plumbing and wiring. If you hire a contractor, make sure they know and understand your vision and that they help you understand what is and isn’t possible for your bathroom remodel.
  3. Stay Within Budget. That jetted tub might seem nice but if it’s $1,000 over budget, it may not be an affordable indulgence. If you find your bathroom remodel into a disaster later, that $1,000 may be needed for something else instead.

Completing a bathroom remodel can add value to your home and make you happier as well. Remodeling projects are challenging work with many factors to consider and disasters that could happen. Hiring a contractor is the best way to ensure that your remodel creates your dream bathroom.

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