Bathroom Remodeling | Do You Need A Walk-In Bathtub?

Bathroom remodeling is a great time to consider your current or future mobility needs. A walk-in bathtub can be an excellent choice for people who have limited mobility and have a higher risk of slipping, falling, or injuring themselves in the bathroom. Even if you don’t have a mobility issue or have any risk of ever developing one, there are a few reasons why you should consider a walk-in tub installation during your bathroom remodeling.

Convenient: Walk-in bathtubs make taking a shower easier than ever. You don’t ever have to worry about stepping over the edge of the bathtub and slipping or falling. Walk-in tubs are built with a door that swings open and shut for convenient and easy use.

Dignity Savings: Aging is difficult on everyone and when you start to feel like taking care of yourself is getting harder, a bathroom remodeling project that includes a walk-in tub can give you some dignity back and make showering or getting up from a bath safer.

Lower Medical Costs: A bathroom remodeling design that includes a walk-in tub can help lower medical costs for homeowners by reducing the number of injuries that happen in the bathroom due to slip and fall or tripping over the edge of the bathtub.

Comfort: Many walk-in tubs are also equipped with other features that make the bathtubs perfect for people with disabilities or elderly people including a seated option and hand and guardrails. When you install a walk-in tub during bathroom remodeling, you are choosing a state-of-the-art option.

Walk-in bathtubs can be luxurious and are easy for contractors to install. They are also made from high-quality durable materials and leak proof. Do you want more information on how to install a walk-in tub during your bathroom remodeling? Contact the Kitchen and Bath Gallery in Tampa.