Bathroom Remodeling | Planning Your Master Bathroom Remodeling Design

Planning a master bathroom remodeling design is exciting and fun. When you are planning your budget for a dream master bathroom, there are a few luxuries you shouldn’t live without. Check out these design options for the ultimate master  bathroom that will add value and beauty to your home.

His and Her Sinks- Sharing sinks can make getting ready in the morning challenging to say the least. His and her, or double sink vanities, give you and your spouse the space you both crave. Make sure each side of the sink has an electrical outlet so that you don’t have to unplug the electric beard trimmer to use the blow dryer.

Adjustable LED Lighting- You don’t always need the bright lights of the bathroom vanity glaring in your face when you use the bathroom. Fluorescent lights are perfect for putting on makeup, but adjustable lighting allows you to dim the lights during times like in the middle of the night or when the natural lighting is enough.

Separate Soaking Tub- A long soak in the tub is relaxing, and freestanding bathtubs look vintage and elegant. A separate soaking tub with a wide rim allows for romantic candle placement or essential oils and toiletries to sit on the edge.

Steam Shower- You can bring the healing wonders of the sauna to your master bathroom remodeling when you add a steam shower. Converting your current shower to a steam shower is much easier than you are probably imagining and will save you money on your gym or spa membership in the long run.

In Floor Radiant Heat- Cold tile floor is jarring and uncomfortable even in Florida. When the temperatures start to fall at night, in-floor radiant heating keeps the master bathroom warm and comfortable. Heated towel racks are another great addition to bathrooms and are perfect for drying towels for repeated use.

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