Bathroom Remodeling | Preserving history with nature; well it may sound utopian but it has never seemed to be more alive. Where remodelling projects are considered to combine convenience with lavishness, residents of Medina are now increasingly looking ways to integrate eco-friendly concepts with their remodelling projects. As such, this blog explores how bathrooms can be remodelled to go-green.

Turn off Bathroom Faucets, Please!

Save water, save life… And definitely save some money. By asking remodelling contractors to install low flow showerheads and faucet aerators, people prevent wastage of water and this also helps them to cut down some dollar notes on their utility bills. Moreover by getting a contractor to design a grey water system for their bathrooms, people utilize the dispensed droplets for watering their gardens.

Painting the Bathroom, Filling the Cracks!

Remodelling the bathrooms with a new paint job is a great idea to confer an improved look. However, using paints formulated with low volatile organic compounds help to cut down green house emissions. Plus they offer faster drying time and have non-yellowing properties.

Bathroom’s Lighting SchemeHighlighting the Flaws!

Strategic placement of decorative lightning is the way to make bathrooms look more spacious and definitely trendier. However rather than using incandescent bulbs, more and more people are inclining towards the use of LED bulbs. They can last for up to 20 years, offer variety of color ranges, low power ratings and reduce thermal emissions.

Composting Toilets

They help people save water and they help the cost of installing and maintaining a sewage system, while providing fertilizer as a by-product. Composting toilets are set to revolutionize bathrooms.

People may choose to ignore them but green bathrooms are the future and should be the basis of all bathroom remodeling projects. Medina Exteriors provide the go green concepts to integrate with remodelling projects along with other cost effective strategies. Book an appointment now and let the remodelling experts take charge of your project!

It eats up a significant portion of your time from a busy schedule to high costs. As such, hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor should be an informed decision. The Bath and Kitchen Gallery in Tampa, FL specializes in bathroom remodeling projects visit us online for a free inhome proposal or call (813) 985-0892!