When starting bathroom remodeling, Tampa residents are in the market for designs that are modern and trendy. Whether homeowners are looking to sell or turning their home into their retirement oasis, a modern bathroom is vital to comfort, value, and happiness. Finding modern fixtures is the easy part of the process, but with all the options for flooring materials, homeowners might struggle with knowing which types are the best for a modern design. Luckily, there are a few top choices you can choose between. 

Porcelain Tiles

A top choice for bathroom flooring that is both modern and high-quality is porcelain tile. This material is water resistant and can be customized with designs to create a beautiful modern elegance in your bathroom. These tiles can also be created in a variety of shapes from square to octagon. 

Natural Stone

One of the sticking points of being modern is also being sustainable. When bathroom remodeling, Tampa residents are looking for natural materials that are eco-friendly and have a great resale value. Stone such as marble, granite, or limestone, are excellent choices. Natural stone is one of the more expensive materials but is an excellent selling point for homes on the market. 

Laminate or Vinyl 

When you need cheap bathroom remodeling, Tampa residents turn to vinyl or laminate flooring. These materials have come a long way in the last decade and can mimic the look of many varied materials including hardwood but with water resistance and affordability. Laminate and Vinyl can be customized to create any aesthetic for the bathroom and is easy to replace. 

Upgrading your bathroom to be more modern will impress your guests and allow homeowners to take pride in their properties again. Renovations can be an exciting time to make sure your home is exactly what you have always dreamed. Let professional bathroom remodeling contracts make those dreams come true. 

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