Bathroom Remodeling Tampa | Choosing the Best Bathroom Countertop


Bathroom Remodeling Tampa | Choosing a new countertop for your bathroom remodeling project is exciting because there are so many options available to choose from. Unlike kitchen countertops where durability is the most significant factor due to the constant chopping, rolling, and heat applied, bathroom countertops don’t need to withstand as much hard use and can be beautiful before they are durable. Here is what you need to keep in mind when choosing the perfect bathroom countertop:


Appearance- If you’ve been dying for beautiful marble, quartz, or granite bathroom countertop your bathroom remodeling project is the ideal time to install them. Because there is minimal counter space in most bathrooms, you can stretch your budget for luxury materials that appeal to your personality.


Function- The primary purpose of a bathroom countertop is to be a resting place for your toiletries while you are using them. Your bathroom countertops will most likely not undergo excessive abuse such as pounding, slicing or chopping nor have to hold a great deal of weight. Your main concern during your bathroom remodeling will be just how much counter space you need, not necessarily the functionality.


Maintenance- How much time do you want to put into maintaining your bathroom counters? Granite and other porous materials need to be resealed throughout the life of the countertop. While this helps with longevity, it is another time and money expense to think about during your bathroom remodeling. Many materials are stunning that don’t need resealing such as manufactured quartz, Tile, stainless steel, and solid surface countertops which are usually made from acrylic.


Materials- Consider all the materials options for your bathroom countertops. The materials you buy are going to depend on the appearance, function, and maintenance that you want, but also what your budget is, and the availability of the materials. Laminate countertops are made from plastic bonded to particleboard and are very inexpensive and versatile. Tile is affordable and easy to install, but grout lines make it difficult to clean. Stone is expensive but durable if well maintained, and other materials have their pros and cons. Researching the materials is vital to choosing your new countertops.


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