Bathroom Remodeling | Vanity Options for Your Bathroom Remodeling in Tampa

Bathroom Remodeling | The bathroom vanity is often the showpiece of your bathroom and renovating provides the opportunity for new furniture pieces that can upgrade your bathroom. Many different types of vanities are great for bathroom remodeling in Tampa.

Salvaged, Reclaimed, Reused- If you have old furniture you don’t know what to do with, reusing it and repurposing it into a vanity for your bathroom remodeling in Tampa is a great way to reduce waste and add unique accents to your bathroom. Dressers work exceptionally well for this type of project. You can also find salvaged, upcycled vanities at flea markets.

Floating Vanities- When you’re short on floor space, a floating vanity may be a great option. This type of vanity offers a sleek and modern design while taking up minimal space. Floating vanities are also perfect for families that need a double sink and lots of counter space but don’t want big, bulky furniture in the way in their bathroom.

Corner Vanity- When you are doing bathroom remodeling in Tampa sometimes you have to make the most of the little space you have to work with. A corner vanity can be stylish and more economical as well as be functional and efficient.

Alcove Vanities- When you have a small alcove in your bathroom, utilize the space for a bathroom vanity. As long as you have the room for a sink and a mirror, alcoves can be the best place to put a vanity or floating vanity.

If you still have no idea what kind of vanity is right for your bathroom remodeling in Tampa, let an expert be your guide. The Bath & Kitchen Gallery can help you design your dream bathroom and take the decision making off your shoulders when you schedule a consultation today.