Bathroom Remodeling | Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible


Bathroom Remodeling | Learning to live with limited mobility can be a significant life change. As we age, it is vital to make sure that we are keeping ourselves safe, especially in places that pose particular risks like the bathroom. A bathroom remodeling may be necessary to make your bathroom fits your needs, but you can gradually update certain features over time to make your bathroom more accessible.


Lighting- Updating the lighting in your bathroom to be brighter with lights over the shower, toilet, and sink/vanity can make your bathroom safer and help you see better so that you can navigate your bathroom without incident.


Safety Bars- One of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make during bathroom remodeling for accessibility is adding safety bars to the shower and tub, and area around the toilet. Safety bars don’t have to look like the kind in the retail bathroom though; there are many stylish and attractive options that your contractor can help you pick out.


Install a Walk-in Tub- A high-quality walk-in tub can make your bathroom safer and more accessible. Walk-in tubs have non-slip flooring and comfortable safety seats. These tubs have doors in them that are easy to use and leak proof so you can maintain your dignity in bathing and taking care of yourself.


Easy Shower Updates- If a walk-in tub can’t make it onto your bathroom remodeling list you can make simple updates to your shower such as getting a shower safety seat, a handheld showerhead, or renovate your shower with the help of a contractor to make it roll in accessible.


Bathroom remodeling for accessibility is an important home project that you need to make a priority as you age. If you are ready to talk to a professional bathroom designer about a plan for your bathroom, contact the Bath & Kitchen Gallery today. 813-454-0591.