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Top 3 Bathroom Remodel Trends for Summer 2018

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Bathroom Remodel | Bathrooms can take a beating, especially when we have kids. Sometimes, when you are growing your family, you realize you need a much bigger tub, or an extra two feet of space between the toilet and the sink to put a step-stool, or you're just interested in a brand-new look! Whatever your

How to Avoid a Bathroom Remodel Disaster

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Bathroom Remodel | The beginning of every bathroom remodel project starts with happy, excited homeowners. A plan is in place, the materials are purchased and everyone who is helping is pumped up. However, mistakes that happen during a bathroom remodel can turn your project into a disaster fast! Bathroom remodeling disasters can also end up

Make Your Bathroom Remodeling Project A Dream Come True

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Bathroom Remodeling | When you close your eyes and picture your dream bathroom, what do you think of? A large open space with a jetted tub, separate shower, his and her sinks, attached walk-in closets and vanities are at the top of some people's list. Some people picture a walk-in shower, covered in mosaic tile

Designers See These Trends in 2018 Bathroom Remodels

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Bathroom Remodel | The home bathroom has quickly evolved into more than just a personal cleaning space. Contemporary designs and floorplans make it a relaxing atmosphere for stress relief. Bathroom remodels of 2018 deliver more than the traditional bath space. Everyday needs are met with innovative design concepts inside today’s bathrooms. If a bathroom remodel

The Bathroom Remodel Takes on an Unfamiliar Design

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Bathroom Remodel | The bathroom remodel is often considered one of the simplest of all. Most homeowners desire to change the flooring, update the sink or add a little natural stone. While it is common for bathroom remodels to include a few additions. Today, many contemporary renovations are seeing an unfamiliar design concept. There are

Material Selection for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

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Bathroom Remodeling | A bathroom remodeling project involves more than the selection of vanities and fixtures. Material selection is important, as it sets the tone for the end result of the project. There are many materials available for bathroom floors and walls. The color and design of the materials help deliver the personality and set

5 Steps to The Perfect Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom Remodel | Millennials are in the home buying market and they like new, modern and efficient. If you haven't gotten a new tub or updated the fixtures in the last several years, chances are your bathroom is not going to be eye catching (at least not for a good reason) for people looking to

New Trends for Your Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom Remodel | Remodeling your bathroom is an easy way to update and add value to your home. Bathroom trends change every few years or so and if you are interested in keeping a high value on your home, you have to stay current and modern with your interior remodels. A Bathroom remodel can be

Bathroom Remodel | Small Bathroom Ideas

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Bathroom Remodel | Having a small bathroom is never convenient. It can be tough to share and when it comes to doing a bathroom remodel it can be an overwhelming prospect to do. But there are great ways to make a small bathroom appear larger. Below are suggestions to consider before starting a remodeling project. Storage

Bathroom Remodel | 5 Bathroom Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

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Bathroom Remodel | Your bathroom is a vital part of a home that can actually show its age quickly. This is why it is one of the most important home remodeling projects that should be tackled. Many people think that a bathroom remodel means hiring an expert to do the job, but there are actually a