What You Should Know Before Beginning that Kitchen Remodeling Project

You’re filled with excitement and can’t wait to enjoy your newly remodeled kitchen. There’s just one problem. You have yet to begin the kitchen remodeling project. The idea is great, but execution can be challenging. Understanding the process of redesigning a kitchen space is essential to the success of the remodel. The design usually happens mentally long before it reaches paper or a blueprint. The creativity takes place inside the mind but realistically, that’s only a shadow of the beginning.

Here are a few tips to consider before you begin your next remodeling project.

1. Begin with Research – research to find out the cost associated with the changes you wish to make. Use this information to set a realistic budget. Your remodel budget should include an additional 10-15% for unexpected costs. This allows a little room for changes that may occur during the process.

2. Balance Needs and Wants – it is necessary to balance your wants against your needs. Don’t choose items because they look great in a home design magazine. Consider how they will look in your available space. Next, consider if this is a functional or cosmetic addition.

3. Available Space – assess the amount of real space the kitchen has available. A kitchen remodeling project may involve tearing down walls to rearrange the layout of the sink, stove and refrigerator. Convenience without clutter makes it easy to maneuver throughout the space.

4. Quality Products – cutting corners to save money can end badly. Invest in the best quality of products you can afford. Good quality items that function properly lasts longer and make the investment worthwhile.

A kitchen remodel can be done in phases or as a one-time project. You can start small and complete other phases of the remodel at another time. Research, establish a budget, design a plan and execute your kitchen remodeling project.

When you are ready to start your kitchen remodeling project, contact the professionals at The Bath and Kitchen Gallery!