Home Remodeling | Today’s family dynamic varies greatly between homes. There are homes that are comprised of young couples and many others that have multiple generations under one roof. Grandparents, parents, children and pets are the family members that make up a variety of homes. Families of this capacity or multi-generational members seek remodeling ideas to make the home more convenient and comfortable for everyone.

Here are a few home remodeling ideas to consider:

1. Open Shelves (Kitchen) – opt for more space instead of kitchen cabinets that restrict storage space. Open shelving creates a rustic or country chic design. It makes storing bulky items easier. Designer or antique dishes can be openly displayed in this type shelving.

2. Brass Décor – the reintroduction of brass has made its way into contemporary home design. Mirror trimming, fixtures and other concepts of brass can help the space appear modern or traditional.

3. White Floor Spaces – don’t be afraid of light colored floors. White floors brighten the space. They are an ideal option for the areas of the home where aging adults will spend more time. White tile for the bathroom or kitchen space creates an innovative design. Home remodeling projects

4. Automatic Light Controls – smart lights are operated with smart control technology. They conserve energy and can be customized to accommodate the needs of the residents of the home.

5. Over-sized Pieces of Furniture – large pieces of furniture add a contemporary design to home remodeling projects. It also provides comfortable seating for all generations. The use of big pieces in remodel projects also presents an opportunity to bring antique furniture into the décor.

Remodeling the home can be a tedious process but the end-result could make life easier for everyone. It can also make the space much more enjoyable and completely recreate the look of the home.  The Bath and Kitchen Gallery is ready to help you with your next home remodeling project.   Request a consultation today!