Kitchen Remodeling | How to Achieve the Perfect Farm House Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling | The farmhouse style has held steady as one of the leading trends anywhere you go in the country, even in places away from the fields and near the beach like Tampa. People love a farmhouse kitchen design because it focuses on family-style dining and is guaranteed to stand the test of time. If you want to achieve the farmhouse kitchen style during your kitchen remodeling project, follow these steps.

1. Mix Old and New- Farmhouse style is all about looking lived in and centers around family gathering. Each area of the kitchen should be able to tell a story either about the history of the house or the family. Don’t be afraid to repurpose furniture, use barn wood, collect antiques for your kitchen while also mixing in new elements such as modern countertops, and stainless steel appliances.

2. Keep it Natural- Your kitchen remodeling design should have the signature natural distressed wood elements that Farmhouse style is known for to create a look that is rustic and old world. Keeping your color palette mostly neutral with natural wood finishes will help pops of color stand out and make your kitchen reflect your family’s unique personality.

3. Special Touches- Your kitchen remodeling project is the best time to add special touches and make your kitchen space unique. Farmhouse style is perfect for DIY projects using reclaimed wood or creating beautiful lace window treatments out of vintage clothing. Decorative trim and millwork can also add unique details that will wow your guests.

4. Family Style Dining- Farmhouse style is all about family, and large, solid wood farmhouse style tables are a signature furniture piece for this kind of design. If your space doesn’t permit, you can add a hardwood kitchen island or breakfast nook.

Farmhouse style kitchen designs are a great way to pay homage to great American style and southern heritage. If you are ready to begin kitchen remodeling in Tampa check out Bath and Kitchen Gallery.