Kitchen Remodel | Many interior remodeling plans include a bathroom remodel as well as remodeling of the kitchen cabinets. As part of a home remodeling project, many people also choose to install a kitchen backsplash. A homeowner looking for kitchen backsplashes that are modern and trendy will find many to pick from during the process remodeling. Popular contemporary choices include tumbled stone, copper, brickwork, river rocks and etched glass. Each choice can help add lots of character and light to any home. When picking out the kitchen backsplash, think about your personal style. It’s also good think about the overall design of the kitchen.

Interesting Materials

Some of the trendiest options on the market are all about the use of interesting materials in new and exciting ways. For example, copper is now a popular choice. Copper can be used in many ways. Some people opt for thinly stacked copper strips along the background. Others go straight to the source and use pennies glued to space for extra added character and reduced materials costs. Stacked river rocks are also highly popular today. River rocks have lots of interesting texture. Using rough but cleaned river rocks in this way can offer a welcome contrast to more sophisticated materials.

Brick and Glass

Two other popular choices for a kitchen backsplash are brick and etched glass. Brick can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Some people opt for a classic horizontal brick pattern that mimics the exterior of their home. Others like to play around with the lines in the kitchen. A zig zag pattern can help add life to the room. Etched glass is another way to help bring in lots of character and pattern. The glass can be etched in many types of patterns and designs to help create an entirely unique look in this space.

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