Kitchen Remodeling | Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Table

Kitchen remodeling is fun and exciting, especially when you get to pick out new furniture and appliances. Places for your friends and family to sit and eat or chat with you while you are cooking are important spaces for you to consider during your project. Choosing the perfect kitchen table depends on a lot of different factors including how large your kitchen is, and it’s function in your home, and whether or not you have a dining room, you want to use for family dinners.

Make sure to consider these tips when choosing your new table during kitchen remodeling:

  1. Functionality- Does your family gather in the kitchen to eat big family meals together? Do your kids like to sit in the kitchen after school munching on snacks and doing their homework? Is the kitchen just a room between the living area and the deck that never gets used because your family prefers dining out? Think about how you use your kitchen before choosing a table. You may find that a large farmhouse table, while beautiful and rustic, may never get used and just be in the way if your family doesn’t sit down for dinner together.
  2. Space Limitations- If you have space limitations you are working around but still want to be able to eat inside the kitchen you should consider breakfast bars with stools, breakfast nooks, or pub style tables and chairs that take up less space. Installing an island during kitchen remodeling is also an efficient way to save space by combining your dining space with storage space.
  3. Style- You are going to have a lot of options when looking at tables during kitchen remodeling. They can be made from wood, laminate, glass, marble, stone, and even plastic. You should spend some time researching what types of materials will be best for your family. Some–like hardwood tables require more maintenance than others.

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