Kitchen Remodeling Tampa | Best Types of Windows for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Tampa | Are your kitchen windows drafty? Do you wish you had more natural light in your kitchen? Have you always wanted a breakfast nook surrounded windows in the corner? Kitchen remodeling is the perfect time to make significant changes to your kitchen, including brand new windows. If You’re ready to upgrade your windows, but don’t have a clue where to start, check out what we consider the best windows for a kitchen below.

Casement Windows: These windows open out, pivoting from hinges, and feature large panes of glass that allow lots of sunshine without interruption from window framing. Casement windows offer much more area for ventilation which makes them perfect for kitchen use. They also seal exceptionally well which will increase your energy efficiency.

Double-Hung Windows: If your family cooks a lot and needs a very well ventilated kitchen, double hung windows are a great choice. Their design pulls air in through the lower window and circulates it out through the top. They are more prone to air leaks however and are usually less decorative than other window types.

Bay Windows: Architects love Bay windows and so do homeowners because they allow sunlight to enter throughout the day from many different angles. The side windows usually open for airflow and the large sill can be used as a window seat with extra storage inside or you can set plants on it for a more natural vibe to your kitchen remodeling design.

Slider Windows: Although not typically chosen for kitchens, slider windows are inexpensive and easy to operate. They also have large openings which let in a lot of natural light, but they have basic seals and no tension mechanisms. These windows are usually used in basements, egress windows, and below-grade bedrooms.

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