Kitchen Remodeling Tampa | Why Do Non-Porous Kitchen Countertops Matter?

Kitchen Remodeling Tampa | One of the most important decisions you will make when you are kitchen remodeling is what kind of new kitchen countertops you will install. Contractors and home store employees will steer you to the non-porous countertops but are these the best choice for your kitchen?

What Does Non-Porous Mean?

Nonporous means that air, water, and fluids will not be able to penetrate your kitchen countertops. This is precisely what you want in a kitchen countertop, especially space where the sink is located. When countertops do not have pores, they will not absorb and store bacteria.

Why Do I Want Non-Porous Countertops?

The answer to why you want non-porous countertops is pretty simple—they are more sanitary and are designed to be antimicrobial. Your kitchen remodeling project is the best time to install non-porous countertops. If you still choose porous countertops such as granite, you will need to seal them twice per year to keep them clean. Non-porous countertops require less maintenance and can be more cost effective over the long term.

What Countertop Materials Are Non-Porous

When you are shopping for kitchen remodeling materials, you are going to want to look for non-porous countertops. If you are ever not sure if the material is non-porous, check the label and description or ask for assistance. Some popular non-porous kitchen countertop materials include solid surface Corian and quartz. Laminate is also non-porous and is the most cost-effective materials for kitchen remodeling. Recycled glass is also a trending material for kitchen countertops and is made from resin and crushed glass. Stainless Steel is the most low-maintenance, heat resistant, stain resistant, and easy to clean but scratches easily and can be on the expensive side of the budget.

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