Kitchen Remodeling | Tips to Make the Culinary Space Look Bigger

hen Remodeling |  There is not much to change in a small kitchen space. However, creating an impression of a much larger culinary space is still within the grasp. Here are some tips which can be followed during the next kitchen remodeling to give the small kitchen an illusion of a larger space:

  • Vertical and Geometric Patterns

The fact is that striped walls and floors with geometric pattern will attract the attention of the onlookers in a longitudinal direction. This creates an illusion of a taller or larger space. If the floor tiles are asking for a huge investment during the kitchen remodeling, homeowners may also consider placing a runner with such patterns and stripes on the floor.

  • Furnishings Having a Small Footprint

To execute a kitchen remodeling job successfully, the main idea is to keep minimal furnishings, and only those that have a smaller footprint. Backless stools, petite table and floating counter-tops are ideal options to create a feeling of spaciousness.

  • Shiny Surfaces and Glass Cabinets

It is well-known fact that mirror are the best devices to create an illusion but shiny surfaces like stainless steel utilities and appliances also tend to achieve a similar purpose. Sleek cabinets with glass doors also fulfill a similar purpose.  The storage spaces with glass doors will appear roomy and airy.

  • Minimalistic Décor

Keep the décor during the kitchen remodeling job minimalistic. Instead of ornate cabinetry, go for angular shapes with finer, sharper and distinctive lines.  Such a décor will prevent the small kitchen space from looking too congested.

  • Kitchen Remodeling and Pristine White Paint

When painting a small space such as a kitchen, at the time of a major kitchen remodeling it is crucial to keep the tone light. There isn’t a color better than white that is more reflective. Pristine white walls give the impression of the walls receding backwards, thereby, creating an effect of a larger room. Different shades of white can also be merged together to prevent the kitchen from looking bland.

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