Bathroom Remodeling | A bathroom remodeling project involves more than the selection of vanities and fixtures. Material selection is important, as it sets the tone for the end result of the project. There are many materials available for bathroom floors and walls. The color and design of the materials help deliver the personality and set the tone of the bathroom.

Will your remodel project require glass, ceramic, stone or porcelain? What will be the base color? What size cabinets do you prefer? These are all questions that must be answered at some point during the project. But first, consider these factors when choosing tile for your newly remodeled bathroom.

1. Porcelain – tile made of porcelain is relatively the same as ceramic. Strange but true, in that the initial makeup of both is the same. The absorption properties of porcelain are greater. This makes it an ideal option for kitchen or bathroom remodels. Also, the inside color of porcelain tile is identical to that of its exterior. This helps conceal imperfections in chipped pieces of tile.

2. Glass – comes in several sizes, colors and shapes. Glass tiles are primarily water resistant. Pricing could be more when compared to that of other type tiles. Special cutting during installation could also drive installation cost up.

3. Ceramic – this option is made from heat hardened clay and has a decorative gloss. Ceramic tiles are a good option for bathroom remodeling projects. They are waterproof and usually come in smaller segments. Damage to tile will likely require the entire piece to need replacing, as it is not something that can be repaired.

4. Stone – the bulkier and more natural looking material that gives a contemporary look to any bathroom remodeling project. This is a natural element that possesses the same color on the interior and exterior.

Tile can be installed on the floors, walls and even countertops of bathrooms. Contemporary remodels utilize it as backsplash and flooring in the bathroom showers. An innovative renovation introduces industrial and contemporary concepts to the design.  The experts at The Bath and Kitchen Gallery are experts in bathroom remodeling.  Call today to request a consultation.