Bathroom Remodel | Remodeling your bathroom is an easy way to update and add value to your home. Bathroom trends change every few years or so and if you are interested in keeping a high value on your home, you have to stay current and modern with your interior remodels. A Bathroom remodel can be a quick and simple way to change up the look of your home. When you go shopping for materials, be prepared to see these popular trends in stores:

  1. High-Tech Toilets- The United States has been pretty behind the times when it comes to high-tech bathrooms. Some countries, like Japan, have made a name for themselves in home technology such as toilets that air freshen after flushing, lights that shut off when you leave the room, showers that can be set digitally to temperature, and cool lighting.
  2. Underfloor Heating- Ever walk into your tile floor bathroom, late at night, barefoot? Having freezing feet in the middle of the night while you are sleepy, or when you step out of a warm bath can be jarring. People are optioning for underfloor heating in bathrooms and other areas of the home where carpet isn’t common.
  3. Undercounter Appliances- Bathrooms are becoming higher tech than ever. There are now cooling drawers and cabinets that you can install that keep medicines and makeup cool. These help to preserve your products and allows you to keep refrigerated medicine in the bathroom. These drawers are also lockable, so children can’t have access. Many people are also installing warming drawers for towels and robes. Can you imagine stepping out of the shower and wrapping up with a fresh out of the warming drawer towel?

There are many new and exciting materials and fixtures on the market that can take your bathroom remodel to the next level. Check out home shows and your local home stores to see the latest and greatest trends in person.