The Perfect Kitchen Remodel on a BudgetThe Perfect Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

Your kitchen remodel can be executed effectively without a huge investment. Change the dynamic of the space with a few easy steps. Achieve a traditional, contemporary or a rustic look with little time and money to invest. The kitchen is one of the spaces that designers are contracted to redesign the most.

Here are a few tips to consider for your next kitchen remodel:

1. Mix textures to achieve a modern or rustic look. Mix light colored cabinets with steel appliances or wood countertops. This permits you to find pieces you like at prices that are less in cost. A rustic look can also be achieved by mixing country chic patterns.

2. Contrasting Colors – introduce black granite or painted cabinets and steel to the kitchen. Blend the dark color cabinets and wall fixtures with steel appliances to create an industrial look on a budget.

3. Wood Works – don’t be afraid to bring wood into the kitchen remodel design. Customize an island with wood or personalize open cabinets with wooden shelves to create a modern design.

4. White and Neutral Tones – white paint, appliances or center aisles make spaces look larger. Consider this approach for smaller kitchen remodels. Add silver appliances or fixtures to the tones to create clean lines in the kitchen.

5. Lighting Fixtures – light fixtures are available in many styles, shapes and colors. Elegant light applications can be added during a kitchen remodel. Illuminate the cabinets with the light to create the appeal of natural lighting in the space.

Kitchen remodel costs don’t have to drain the bank account. Designers can suggest ways to change the layout of your kitchen and preserve costs. Adding a splash of color, updating cabinetry or changing the floor tile can be very effective in a simple remodel.  Contact the experts at The Bath and Kitchen Gallery today to schedule your free consultation.