Coastal-inspired kitchens are becoming more popular all over the country, even in places where the ocean is thousands of miles away. However, Floridians have been inspiring homeowners for decades with their Tampa kitchen remodeling tips and tricks to achieving the perfect beachy kitchen atmosphere that your family and guests will love. If you are looking to bring the shores into your home, consider these best practices for creating the kitchen of your dreams. 

Tips to Brings the Shores Indoors 

We have the top tips you need for a Tampa kitchen remodeling project that brings your favorite elements of the coast, indoors to your kitchen sans the kitschy decorations and sand in a bottle. 

  1. Go for Natural Hues- The beach is where earth, air, and sea all come together to create harmony and you can create the same feel in the kitchen by starting with soft, neutral hues that bring out the beauty of nature such as soft blues, sandy whites, and ocean wave grey. 
  2. Solid Wood Furniture- When you are replacing your cabinets during Tampa kitchen remodeling, consider upgrading to solid wood and bring other natural elements into your kitchen design. Solid wood kitchen island painted to look distressed, or natural driftwood, collected straight off the beach can be a fun way to bring a unique style to your kitchen that feels beachy and natural. 
  3. Minimalism- A costal inspired kitchen should embrace minimalism and rely on the beauty of the natural elements rather than kitschy décor and clutter. Minimal designs are sleek, contemporary, and help your kitchen stay clean and inviting. 
  4. Natural Lighting- One of the best things a Tampa kitchen remodeling contractor can help you with is finding ways to bring more natural light into your kitchen. You can consider adding more windows or making existing windows larger; or even a skylight to bring more sun into the kitchen throughout the entire day. 

Bringing the coastal elements into your kitchen is a brilliant design idea for homeowners who want to ensure their kitchen is welcoming, modern, and inspiring. Whether you are sitting at the table with kids doing homework or cooking up a multi-course meal for your friends and neighbors, coastal inspired kitchens are a hit for families everywhere. 

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