Bathroom Remodel | The bathroom remodel is often considered one of the simplest of all. Most homeowners desire to change the flooring, update the sink or add a little natural stone. While it is common for bathroom remodels to include a few additions. Today, many contemporary renovations are seeing an unfamiliar design concept. There are several designs that completely eliminate the master bathtub or install small ones. This may be difficult to visualize but contractors are seeing it more and more each day.

Here are a few reasons this trend has surfaced:

1. Nominal Use – homeowners are discovering that they rarely use the large bathtub. This motivates them to free the space up for another use. Most people opt for a quick or relaxing shower. The space the tub occupies may be used to contribute to a larger shower space.

2. Luxurious Shower – because showers are more common, features have become more luxurious. Body sprayers, intermittent shower heads and speed controls permit a more enjoyable experience.

3. Lounge Area – lounge areas have become highly requested in bathroom remodels. They give additional space for getting dressed, relaxing before or after a shower or for other daily grooming habits. Replacing the bathtub with a lounge area is a bold redesign that works for many individuals, young couples or modern families.

4. Second Home – the bathroom remodel for a second home is more receptive to the bathtub elimination. The bath space isn’t utilized full-time but only during vacations, corporate stays or other brief periods. The bath space will be primarily used for quick showers. A large shower that is easily accessible will be an added bonus to the space.

Bathroom remodels give the space an innovative look that is functional and fulfilling. No, small or a large bathtub give homeowners the option to add personality to their personal space. Always choose the redesign concept that makes you feel at home.  And choose The Bath and Kitchen Gallery to help!