Home Remodeling | Remodeling the exterior of your home can be exciting. Giving your home a face lift will increase the value of your home and lift your spirits as well. Your home should reflect you and your family, but you should also keep in mind the value you are adding or detracting from your house in the choices that you are making. If you hope to sell your house in the future, want to stay up to date with the latest trends in home remodeling, look into some of these ideas for inspiration!

  1. Going Green-This trend is one that won’t go away any time soon! More homeowners are looking for eco-friendly homes when they are buying or remodeling. Stay ahead of the curve by using green materials and energy efficient upgrades when remodeling the exterior of your home.
  2. Color Design- Don’t stick with just one color for your home exterior. Pick a color palette that you love and use contrasting colors to highlight areas of your home that should stand out such as fantastic wood detailing or really cool shutters. A bright red or blue door never goes out of style either.
  3. Architectural Shingles- If a new roof is part of your exterior remodeling needs, use architectural shingles. These are the most popular and will give your roof dimension and contrast. They also last longer which adds significant value to your home. There are also many colors to choose from now from pink to purple, blue and green. While you may not want to go with a bright neon roof if you are looking for mass appeal, adding earthy tones to your roof can be a refreshing new look.

All three of these trends are sure to make your exterior home remodel modern, classy, and give your home a spruced-up look. You can’t go wrong with any of these options. Ask your contractor what they think about implementing these ideas.

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