Home Remodeling | Going into a home remodel is exciting and also nerve wrecking, especially if you aren’t hiring a contractor to help you with your project. When you decide you need to remodel your home it should be a decision you come to as a family that will benefit the family. During a remodel, the people in and out of your home, the noise, and the disarray can be stressful, but the journey is rewarding. Make sure you consider the lifestyles and needs of all your family members before knocking down walls or tearing out a bathroom. Once everyone is on board, you will want to take these things into consideration:

  1. How long will you live in your home? If you plan to live in your home short term, your decisions will be easier to make because you won’t be living there long. You can make your choices based on what will sell the best, or a good return on investment. If you plan to live in your home for 20 or more years, you should remodel based on your current and future needs for your home and space considerations. You also may want to consider investing in higher quality, longer lasting materials if you are going to live in your home for longer than a decade.
  2. Moving vs. Remodeling? – If you are planning a total home remodel or renovation the costs may be higher than it would cost you to buy something else. You have to determine the value in remodeling vs. Moving. If you can get a great deal on a house that doesn’t need to be remodeled and you can sell the house you are in currently with making just a few essential updates, that may be financially better for you than remodeling an entire house. Moving should be a last resort, especially if you use an experienced contractor, but there are cases where the needs of a growing family just cannot be worked into their current floor plan.

Once you can answer these two questions, you will be ready to start planning your home remodel. While this project may seem very big, if you plan ahead of time and understand the needs of your family in your home, the project should go smoothly.

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