Kitchen Remodeling | Tips for Remodeling Your Small Kitchen


Kitchen Remodeling | Expansive, elegant kitchens are part of everyone’s dream house, but sometimes we are stuck with a small kitchen where space is limited. Kitchen remodeling is possible, even when options seem few and far between and there are many ways to make the most of the area you have and also make that space bigger!


Make it Brighter!


There are three ways you can make your small kitchen look brighter and make the space feel larger. An all bright white kitchen color palette is the easiest way to add light to your kitchen. You can also use light woods such as pine or white oak if you want to incorporate natural tones.


Another way to brighten the room is to use airy light pendants that take up less space that large fixtures and overhead ceiling fans. If your budget allows it, use your kitchen remodeling as an opportunity to add in more windows or, if your kitchen has an exterior door, choose one with windows that allow sunlight in. You can also add undershelf lighting to the bottom of your upper cabinets and even your lower cabinets!


Open Shelving


Cabinets are bulky and take up a lot of room. They can also make a small kitchen feel tight and claustrophobic. If you’re environmentally conscious, you can save a lot on wood materials by using shelving instead of cabinets and make your kitchen feel larger in the process. The only downside is that you can’t hide your kitchenware behind cabinet doors but if you can keep the kitchen organized and clean the sleek element is modern and stylish.


Innovative Storage


One of the best things you can do for yourself in a small kitchen is utilized innovative storage solutions such as thin cabinets with sliders, using the space above your cabinets for vases, teapots, pitchers, large pots, etc. or adding a walk-in pantry if space is available.


If you’re ready for your kitchen remodeling project to come off your to-do list, contact the Bath and Kitchen Gallery today!